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    How to Track:

    To Track your order please use your order number which is located on your confirmation email as well as the email address you used when you placed your order.
    If you did not use an email address, then please enter in your phone number in the email address field.


    In Transit- This means that your items are on the ship going to your country of origin. While your item in on the ship, there will be no updates until it arrives at port.
    Awaiting Customs- Some items and some countries will require your purchase to go through customs. Once your items go through customs, they will be routed to your local delivery carrier.
    Out for Delivery- This means your local carrier now has your order and you should receive your items within a few days (barring weekends, holidays, etc.)
    Attempted Delivery- Means that your local carrier attempted delivery but was unable to deliver. This usually occurs when an item needs a signature. Please work with your local carrier to ensure delivery.

    Additional Notes:

    If you ordered more than one item, you may receive your items in separate packages. The reason for this is that we use multiple suppliers and our product is drop shipped from our different warehouses.

    Expect to receive your items within 10-21 business days if your shipping location is in the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom. If your shipping location is in another country besides those listed, please expect delivery within 10-35 business day. Please understand that on rare occasions there are delays due to weather, seasonality and holidays.
    Packages will arrive through your local shipping carrier. In the US, your delivery will come from the USPS.
    Most jewelry will come in small white packages. Some countries and orders will require a signature.