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    Elephants are large majestic mammals- creatures that are loved and adored.

    This Tibetan necklace captures the regal essence of the elephant. Carefully carved from genuine Ebony wood, this is a necklace you will cherish.

    Seeing an elephant in your dream can indicate that you need to have more patience or understanding of others. If that is something you need, then this is a good reminder.

    Or… Elephants are also known as a symbol of power, strength faithfulness and intellect. They represent family and society working together.

    Whatever the reason you feel drawn to the mighty elephant, just know that this one is beautiful and is sure to be a statement piece for your wardrobe!

    • Real Ebony Wood

    • High Quality Zinc Alloy

    • Pendant size is 2.28” x 2.36” x .51” (5.8 cm x 6 cm x 1.3 cm)

    • Beaded Necklace

    This item is made from Natural Wood and can have slight variations.




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