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    You will love wearing this beautiful pendant. Sunrise or Sunset, this evokes faraway places and dreams. Beautiful Sunrise at Sea Handmade Genuine 925 Sterling Silver and Shell dazzle this Pendant. 

    • Adorable Sun or Moon Motif over the Sea

    • Sun/Moon is made from Mother of Pearl Shell

    • Made from Genuine 925 Sterling

    • Large Slide to work with most chains***

    • Pendant Size:  Approx  Width .94" x  Height 1.07"  (W2.4cm x H2.7cm)

    • Choose from 2 different designs

    This is a Pendant and doesn't include a chain. Please see our fine chains for pendants.

    This item is made from Natural Shell. Each shell piece is different so please expect variances in colors, patterns, markings and striations from the photos. It is the variances that makes each item unique and special. Enjoy the beauty of Nature!

    Mother of Pearl Shell - Nature Reflections


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