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    If peace and harmony is your bag, than this is the perfect pendant for you. 

    The olive branch is about peace, and more importantly, creating peace and understanding. It is about reaching out to others and finding common ground.

    Whether you are the peacemaker or someone who wants to attract peaceful vibes to your life, this pendant will help to inspire the harmony that wants to be expressed by all of us.

    Handcrafted from Genuine Sterling Silver with Real Gold and Silver Overlay, you'll love wearing this piece every day. Wear it with your favorite chain.


    • Handmade

    • Genuine 925 Sterling Silver

    • Real Gold and Silver Overlay

    • Brushing Technique on two of the three olives and on the underside of the leaves.

    • Slider backing to fit most chains ***

    ***This is a Pendant and doesn't include a chain. Please see our fine chains for pendants.

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