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     This is a fun bangle with the contrasting colors of Aquamarine and Amethyst. Bold with Bohemian Chic Styling, you will love the compliments you will get when you wear this special bracelet.

    Handcrafted and wire-wrapped, each stone will be unique due to nature.

    Aquamarine is a great stone for those that want that sense of cleansing and letting go. And then the amethyst is great for understanding. The two combined is lovely energy for releasing what no longer serves you while learning from the past situations.


    • Genuine Raw Aquamarine Crystal Stone

    • Genuine Natural Amethyst Faceted Beads

    • Gold Plated Copper Cuff and Wire

    • Nickel and Lead Free

    • Handmade


    This item is made from Natural Stone. Each stone piece is different so please expect variances in colors, patterns, markings and striations from the photos. It is the variances that makes each item unique and special. Enjoy the beauty of Nature!


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