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Clear Crystal Harmony Ball

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Product Details:

  • Created from brass and plated with Sterling Silver. Nickel, lead, and cadmium free.
  • Hand-applied rhinestone crystals (please note, the crystals muffle the sound of the harmony ball.)
  • The harmony ball’s size is .78” in circumference, about the size of a US nickel; however, it will feel more substantial due to the 3D nature of the orb.

Some of our designs, including this one with embellishments, a smaller size, or a unique shape, will have a fainter or quieter sound and need to be shaken harder to hear the chime.

Specific Details

We were once told that we were each a facet of a diamond and that even though we cannot see the point of view on the other side of the diamond, we were connected to them and still are part of the whole.

This blingy beautiful harmony ball is all about connection. We are all sources of light, reflecting and absorbing the energy of each other and our creator. Though this harmony ball may look more like fashion, it can represent all of us. It is the collective. And each tiny rhinestone can represent all of the people you know and those you have yet to meet.

Please note: This harmony ball has a faint chime due to the crystals. The crystals muffle the sound of the chime; However, there is a beautiful reflective light from this orb.


Body of Orb- Brass
Chime – Brass
Sterling Silver Plating
(May include Pave Zirconia or Crystal Rhinestones)
Lead and Nickel Free

Chain Lengths

Choose your chain or cord.

We recommend the chain that appears first.

For the angel callers, we recommend the 24” silver ball
and for the harmony balls, we recommend the 24” o-link chain. However, we know that some like their chain longer or would like a black cord instead.

For pregnancy balls, we recommend the 41” seed bead chain however, these chime balls still work for those who are not pregnant. Just choose a shorter chain or use the 41” chain and thread it through the orb twice.

To learn more, please click here.

Shipping & Returns

We ship from Orlando, Florida, USA, and primarily use the United States Postal Service for shipments.

Approximate Shipping Times:

Since we ship from Orlando, Florida, times will vary depending on where you are located in relation to us and your local delivery times. However,
generally speaking, you can expect your package with our Standard Shipping as

Florida and the Southeast: 2-3 working days

Midwest and Northeast: 3-4 working days

West Coast, Alaska, and Hawaii: 4-5 working days



We offer a 30-day warranty on all items. Please contact us for a return authorization.

Care Instructions

As with all metal jewelry, it is best to keep it dry. If your chime jewelry gets wet, we recommend drying it with an absorbent cloth as soon as possible. Do not wear it in the shower or while swimming.
If your jewelry gets dirty, polish it with a microfiber cloth.

For more information, check out our blog article on How to Care for Your Jewelry.


Suggested Affirmation

I am connected to the divine source. I radiate light and joy.

Handmade Artisian Jewelry

Our Angel Callers are handmade from
Alpaca Silver, an alloy of pure silver mixed with brass. 

We only use high quality materials, with
expert handiwork. Our items are something you will treasure for years to come.

You honor nature, sustainability,
craftsmanship, and fair-trade production with your Angel Caller.

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About your Angel Caller

Each one has a chime inside. Shake the orb whenever you need a pick-me-up, to clear your mind, or to create a positive habit.

No matter how you use it, you will enjoy wearing this artistic creation daily.

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Gift Wrap and Ribbon - Nature Reflections

Gift Wrapping

We believe our jewelry makes a great gift, and we want your recipient to feel your intentions when they open their package.

Gift wrapping and personal note cards are now available at a nominal charge. The option will appear when you add your item(s) to the cart.

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How Quiet is Chime Jewelry?

Our chime jewelry does not have an opening like a bell, which aids in creating a soft, gentle, sound. They are quiet enough that when
you are wearing your necklace, others around you will not hear the chime. You “may” hear the chime as you go about your day, but many need to bring the chime to their ear and shake it to hear the sound.

Click the button below to see and listen to a video of the chimes.

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