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    Onyx, Tiger's Eye and Hematite. Dark and Mysterious, this is one cool beaded bracelet. Perfect for men or women!

    Onyx is a stone that is known for release of fear and protection.

    Tiger's Eye is a stone that is known for inner understanding and courage.

    Hematite is a stone known for bringing you back to center.

    Combine these three together and you can to anything!

    But even if you are not a believer of the power of stones, this bracelet is gorgeous and will look great on anyone!

    • Made from Natural Onyx, Hematite and Tiger's Eye

    • Unisex

    • Elastic thread

    • Choose from two sizes- Small is approximately 7" (18 cm) around and Large is approximately 7.5" (19.2 cm) around. 

    This item is made from Natural Stone. Each stone piece is different so please expect variances in colors, patterns, markings and striations from the photos. It is the variances that makes each item unique and special. Enjoy the beauty of Nature!


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