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    Do you love plants? Are you a gardener? Or are you a lover of nature? Either way, these are some of the most unique adorable earrings that you will ever wear!

    My Little Garden Earrings are handmade in Genuine 925 Sterling Silver! These stud earrings celebrate life and plants. Truly unique- these earrings may easily become one of your favorite pairs! You can almost imagine the sprouts growing into lush plants!

    • Adorable Garden Design

    • Made from Genuine 925 Sterling

    • Pierced Stud Style Earrings

    • Real Gold and Silver plating

    • Measures  .6" x .53" (1.54 x 1.36 cm)- Please note- these are smaller than the rest of the My Little Garden series and are perfect for those that like something less bold. 

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