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Gold 12mm Harmony Ball Adjustable Bracelet

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This harmony ball bracelet is perfect for those who love bracelets and harmony balls. The bracelet is a box chain with a slider to adjust the size. The bracelet and harmony ball is made from brass plated in 18K Gold.

This highly polished harmony ball is modern and sleek, and rests nicely on your wrist. The Adjustable Chain Harmony Ball Bracelet is great for those that like minimalistic jewelry or something that works well with the rest of your jewelry wardrobe.

Please know that the harmony ball has a soft, higher, pitched chime inside, so you may hear it as you move your hands, but usually, you can only hear it when you shake the orb. The sound is a little higher pitch and softer because of the smaller harmony ball size, which makes it appropriate to wear in an office environment. You may hear the chime roll in the harmony ball when you move, but you will need to shake it to hear the chime. 


  • Crafted in Brass

  • Plated in 18K Gold

  • The size of the harmony ball is .47"(12mm) (which is smaller than a dime) but keep in mind- this is three-dimensional and is not flat like a dime

  • The chime sound is very soft and has a little higher pitch than our other harmony balls and angel callers due to the smaller size - you may hear the chime roll in the ball as you move, but you will need to shake it actually to hear the chime.

  • Nickel, Lead, and Cadmium Free

  • Adjustable Box Chain Bracelet

  • Bracelet is 9" long and works best on small to medium-sized wrists. We recommend measuring your wrist before ordering. If the largest part of your hand is more than 8.75" around, the bracelet will not fit. 

Some of our designs, including this one with embellishments, a smaller size, or a unique shape, will have a fainter or quieter sound and need to be shaken harder to hear the chime.

    These harmony balls have a soft chime that can be heard when shaken. You may hear the chime as you move about your day, but depending on what frequencies you can hear, you may have to bring the orb to your ear to hear the chime.


    What is a Harmony Ball?

    A harmony ball is an orb that, when you shake it, you hear a soft, gentle, harmonious sound that creates a peaceful, relaxing, and meditative environment. Variations of these orbs have been around for centuries and were popular in the United States in the early 90s. 

    Care Instructions

    Keep this item dry. Wipe off moisture with a damp cloth. We recommend storing items in a moisture-free, dust-free environment. 

    For more information, please check out our blog article How to Care for Your Jewelry

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