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    This harmony ball bracelet is perfect for those who love bracelets and harmony balls. The bangle itself is made from brass and so is the harmony ball. It is then plated in 18K gold and is highly polished for a beautiful look. 

    We used a smaller harmony ball on it so that the ball is not in the way as you go about your day. However, it still has the lovely soft chime inside so you may hear it as you move your hands. The sound is a little higher pitch and softer because of the smaller harmony ball size which does make it appropriate to wear in an office environment. It is a lovely sound that will bring you joy. 


    • Crafted in Brass

    • Plated in 18k gold

    • Size of Orb is .47” (12mm) in Diameter (which is smaller than a dime) but keep in mind- this is a complete orb and is not flat like a dime

    • The chime sound is very soft and a little higher pitch than our other harmony balls and angel callers due to the smaller size 

    • Nickel, Lead and Cadmium Free

    • Adjustable Stoppers- You can adjust the stoppers to center the harmony ball in the middle or you can move them out wider so that the ball can travel along the bangle and make more chime sounds as you wear it.

    • Bangle is approximately 2.25 in diameter and about 7.1" in circumference. Bangle works best on small to medium sized wrists. 

    Please Note: These harmony balls have a soft chime inside that can be heard when shaken. You may hear the chime as you move about your day but depending on what frequencies you are able to hear, you may have to bring the orb to your ear to hear the chime.

    What is a Harmony Ball?

    A harmony ball is an orb that when you shake it, you hear a harmonious sound which creates a peaceful, relaxing and meditative environment. Variations of these orbs have been around for centuries and were popular in the United States in the early 90’s. These can be worn to call on angels or spirit guides, to create harmony and balance or just because it is something that brings you joy.

    Our harmony balls are casted and are finished by hand. (If you are looking for a completely handcrafted item, we recommend checking out our Angel Callers.) Our harmony balls are created in brass and then are plated in either sterling silver or 18K gold. This brass creates a durable orb that lends itself to making a beautiful sound. Some styles are then adorned with enamel by hand. The orbs are then hand polished and finished. This gives you the luster and beauty while having a sound that is pleasing to the ear. 


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