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    Our crystal stone hexagon points are the perfect thing to wear if you want to balance your energy or if you just love stones and crystals. Crystal points have become a popular item to wear over the past couple of decades and they never go out of style. Many people who are in to yoga, meditation, spirituality, angels and the like tend to gravitate towards wearing healing crystals.

    Goldstones have been popular for decades. In the 70s, Red Goldstone was in its heyday but now Blue Goldstone is becoming the Goldstone of Choice.


    Goldstone is a man-made stone created from natural materials (similar to quartz countertops.) Throughout the stone is flecks of copper giving it the name of Goldstone. Even though it is a man-made stone, it has healing properties and it a stone that is great for drive and ambition. The copper in it is good for inflammation of the joints and tissues.


    But what really makes Blue Goldstone so much fun to wear is the sparkles from the copper. With the lapis blue background, the copper flecks give a galaxy appeal so if you are into Space, Astronomy or even astrology- this may be the necklace for you!

    Blue Goldstone

    Dual Point Hexagon Crystal

    Crystal is approximate 1.25 " long and 1.5" with bezel

    Gold Plated Chain

    Length of chain is 18” with a 2” extender.

    High Quality Zinc Alloy


    Expect variants with  flecks of copper in the stone.



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