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    This sweet pendant gracefully reflects the beauty of a feather.

    Feathers often represent the feeling of freedom and letting go and being close to heaven. Some people encounter random feathers which may represent messages from those who have crossed over. 

    Feathers give us hope and help us tap into our inner strength so that we can grow. 

    If you are attracted to feathers, then you will love this pendant. It is handcrafted from Genuine Sterling Silver. It has a built in slider that will work with your favorite chain or you can get one of ours.


    • Handmade

    • Genuine 925 Sterling Silver

    • Approximately 1.5" long x .25" wide

    • Slider backing to fit most chains *** 

    ***This is a Pendant and doesn't include a chain. Please see our fine chains for pendants. 

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