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    Feel Energized and the Positive Vibes from this Beautiful Mala that is hand-knotted and made with Genuine Citrine Stone. This is the perfect piece to add the feeling of sunshine into your life! Wear as a necklace or bracelet or use it for prayer or meditation. No matter what you choose to do with it, you will love making it a part of your life.

    • 8 MM Beads

    • Hand-Knotted

    • Real Citrine Stones

    • 108 beaded design

    • Long Length, Approximately 34-36" in length (86 - 91 cm)-  When worn as a necklace, you may have to double layer it or create a knot to shorten the length 

    • Color of Citrine ranges from pale yellow to golds and browns.

    This item is made from Natural Stone. Each stone piece is different so please expect variances in colors, patterns, markings and striations from the photos. It is the variances that makes each item unique and special. Enjoy the beauty of Nature!


    What is a Mala?

    A Mala is a beautiful item that can be used in many ways. It is often used as jewelry as either a necklace or bracelet. It can also be used as decoration. Malas are most known for use in meditation and prayer. Malas have the flexibility to be used how the owner of it chooses, that is what makes them so special.

    Malas (also known as japamala) traditionally have 108 beads, though sometimes other numbers are used. Simply put, Mala is a Sanskrit word for garland. Items like malas (such as prayer beads and rosaries) have existed in countless of cultures and spiritual practices through history. Today, you will often see people wearing malas as a fashion accessory, displaying them on their yoga mats, using them for chanting or meditation or hanging them from a mirror, picture or even a computer monitor!

    Our malas are all hand-knotted and hand-strung. All are made from natural stone unless stated otherwise. We select the materials that we feel have the best energy and beauty. Each mala is unique due to the natural materials.

    Benefits of Citrine

    A perfect stone for those born in November, those that need a confidence boost or those that need to clear negative energy.

    Citrine is probably one of the best stones for self – esteem. If you are someone who doubts your abilities or have thoughts that you are not good enough, then citrine is a stone that can help transform that energy. Citrine helps to cleanse the chakras and is especially helpful to the solar plexus and navel chakras.

    Citrine has the energy of the sun- it uplifts your spirit. With this positive energy, it is also a stone that helps to attract wealth and prosperity. It is a stone of flow… so as you attract you are also open to give. This is the secret to abundance. Allowing fortune to come to you and sharing with others. Citrine is a stone of happiness and joy.

    Boost your confidence with Citrine. This stone helps to ward away any self-destructive tendencies. It helps to get you out of your head and is great for creativity. With Citrine, you can let any negative criticisms go and use only the constructive information for self-betterment.

    Since this is the stone of joy, Citrine is a great stone to help with depression, fears and phobias. Let Citrine clear out the blocks you have so that you can move forward and enjoy the rewards and gifts of life. It is a great stone to help heal emotions and resolve old wounds. It’s a stone for the now, releasing the past.

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