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    Sunflowers are associated with happiness and optimism. Many can’t help but smile when they see sunflowers- their bright and cheery petals surround the center filled with seeds, as if it is a face paying worship to the mighty sun it emulates.

    That is the inspiration for our Spinning Sunflowers.

    Just like the sunflower appears to turn its bloom towards the sun, our Spinning Sunflowers can be spun to mimic that action at a must faster speed.

    When you look at your Spinning Sunflower, remember that the light will come and shine back on you. Even when times are rough, they will eventually pass. Spin the Sunflower and feel the warmth of a hug of good times ahead or celebrate the good times of the present.

    Our Spinning Sunflowers are handcrafted from Sterling Silver and are plated in gold and the backing is plated in rhodium for extra shine and durability. Zirconia adorns the flower head, shining bright and happy! You will get lots of compliments as you wear our spinning sunflowers… and have lots of conversations. (I know when my grandsons see mine, they will want to spin it with delight!)


    • Handcrafted in Genuine 925 Sterling Silver

    • Plated in real gold and rhodium

    • Center Zirconia Stone with pave Zirconias

    • Spinning Action

    • Measures approximately .5" across 

    • Choose US Ring Size 6, 7, 8 or 9


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