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Sterling Silver Ladybug Angel Caller

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Our Ladybug Angel Caller is unique in many ways. Like all of our Angel Callers, it is handcrafted. However, this one is made from Sterling Silver and Enamel and is on an Italian-made 26” Sterling Silver chain. The ladybug is not an orb but more like a disk. It is also larger than most of our other callers.

Ladybugs can symbolize many things, such as protection and healing. They are also thought to bring good luck and fortune. They are often associated with talent and gracefulness. Since they are often seen in gardens, they are attributed to fertility. Often, we refer to ladybugs as beauty and endearment.      

In Chinese adoptions, a ladybug represents that a forever family is imminent.

Since ladybugs have so many meanings, they are appropriate for anyone to wear. They make the perfect gift for a parent, grandparent, or child, a healthcare provider, a spiritual healer, a gardener, an artist, or anyone who wants luck or fortune!

Since they are so diverse in culture and meanings, just about any mantra would go well with this necklace. Here are just a few suggestions:

“I live life with grace and appreciation.”

“God and my guardian angels protect me.”

“Good things happen to me frequently and abundantly.”

“Creativity flows through me.”

“My family is filled with love.”

“I am grateful for my healing.”


Keep in mind that you may love ladybugs and the design of this necklace and have your special meaning or feeling towards it. If you are drawn to it, then it is meant for you.


  • Handcrafted – No two are exactly alike. Enamel has glitter to reflect light and color.

  • Handmade from Sterling Silver and stamped 925

  • The caller’s size is 1” x 1,” and the slide is .25”. The depth of the ladybug is approximately .5”.

  • Sterling Silver Chain approximately 26” in length- stamped 925 and Italy.


Please Note: These callers have a soft chime. They are not loud like a bell and the chime can only be heard when the orb is shaken. This is on purpose so that the chime is not annoying when you wear it and so that you will want to wear the caller every day.


What is an Angel Caller or Harmony Ball?

An angel caller is an orb that when you shake it, you hear a harmonious sound which represents a call to the angels. These orbs have been around for centuries. Worn to call on angels or create harmony or just because it is something that brings you joy.

Care Instructions

Keep this item dry. Wipe off moisture with a damp cloth. We recommend storing items in a moisture-free, dust-free environment. 

For more information, please check out our blog article How to Care for Your Jewelry

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