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    Fluorite is that magical stone because even though is can be colorless, it often contains impurities that will reflect in colors of purple, lilac, golden-yellow, green, blue, pink, champagne and brown. This makes it the perfect stone when you want something both colorful and nature inspired. Also, fluorite is a stone that know to help with confidence and balancing of energy. But what really makes fluorite so wonderful is how pretty it is and how you can wear this stone with so many different things in your wardrobe because of the mix of colors.

    • Genuine Fluorite Gemstone Faceted Beads

    • 18K Plated Brass

    • Diamond Shape Wire Wrapped Design

    • Pierced Dandle Earrings

    • Approximately 1.96 inches in length- a little bit longer than the size of 2 US Quarters


    This item is made from Natural Stone. Each stone piece is different so please expect variances in colors, patterns, markings and striations from the photos. It is the variances that makes each item unique and special. Enjoy the beauty of Nature!

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