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    Birds hold a special place in our ecosystems and our lives. Waking up to the beautiful songs of birds evokes a feeling of gratitude and joy. Then there are certain birds that dazzle our eyes with their bright plumes and beautiful feathers… such as cardinals, jays, fly catchers and more. This lovely angel caller has an Aztec inspired silhouette of a bird with the tufted crown. The image was designed by Nature Reflections and is handcrafted from brass. 

    Some also believe that when a bird visits you, that it is a symbol from a loved one who has passed away to create comfort in your life. They arrive when you need that moment of light to help you when you are feeling low.

    This caller is perfect for bird lovers, especially those that love cardinals, jays, fly catchers and other birds with a tufted crown. If you are a bird watcher or know someone who is, then this is the caller for you.


    ·         Handmade orb from Alpaca Silver (Silver and Brass Alloy for durability and the ability to make the harmonious sound), Sterling Silver and Brass

    ·         Size of Orb is .78” (20 mm) in Diameter (Slightly smaller than a nickel which is .83” in diameter) but keep in mind- this is a complete orb and is not flat like a nickel

    ·         Silver Plated Ball Chain approximately 24” in length

    Please Note: These callers have a soft chime. They are not loud like a bell and the chime can only be heard when the orb is shaken. This is on purpose so that the chime is not annoying when you wear it and so that you will want to wear the caller every day.


    What is an Angel Caller or Harmony Ball?


    An angel caller is an orb that when you shake it, you hear a harmonious sound which represents a call to the angels. These orbs have been around for centuries. Worn to call on angels or create harmony or just because it is something that brings you joy.


    Our Angel Callers are handcrafted. Our callers are made from Alpaca Silver which is an alloy of silver and brass. This mixture of metals creates a durable orb that lends itself to making a beautiful sound. We then adorn our callers with brass or more Alpaca silver, depending on the design and then we plate in sterling silver. This gives you the luster and beauty while having a sound that is just heavenly.


    We put our callers on a 24” silver plated chain so that the chain is long enough so you can gently shake it when you want to hear the harmonious sound.


    Since each piece is handcrafted (no stamps are used) they will each be unique. Please expect some variances- each one is its own unique piece of art- just like you!





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