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Celebrate Birthdays with Zodiac Glyph Chime Necklaces

Discover our Zodiac Chime Jewelry collection, a distinctive expression of your astrological sign. Handcrafted from Alpaca silver and plated in sterling silver, each piece showcases a stylized zodiac glyph, encapsulating the essence of your sign. Within each orb, a gentle, tinkling chime adds a harmonious touch. These pieces, accompanied by a 20" black cord and a 2" extender, make for thoughtful and personalized gifts or a meaningful way to embrace and display your zodiac identity.

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How to Use or Wear Angel Caller or Harmony Ball Jewelry

You can use your Angel Callers and Harmony Ball Jewelry for prayer, affirmations, manifestation, remembrances, and more. Please read our article below to learn more about these beautiful soft chime orbs.

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