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    Coneflower Story and Contest

    The Story of the Coneflower Pendant (and our Contest to Win a Free Pendant!)

    The Story of the Coneflower Pendant (and our Contest to Win a Free Pendant!)

    Echinacea is one of those herbs that most people have heard of at least once in their life. You have the sniffles and someone may say to you… why don’t you take some Echinacea? This is because herbalist revere the herb as an immunostimulator, sialagogue, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, vulnery, lymphagogue, alterative, anti-pyretic and circulatory stimulant. (Wow... that’s a lot of big words!)  Pretty much, it is known to work on anything that is cold related, with a focus on the lungs, stomach and liver.


    But did you know that Echinacea came from the plant also known as Coneflower? There are lots of varieties of coneflowers and all of them are quite attractive.


    Living in Florida, Coneflowers just don’t do well. It’s way too sunny and hot. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I got to see them growing wild when I was in Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. I was in LOVE with the flowers upon first sight.


    While on this trip, I was suffering from an affliction that was later diagnosed. I actually had pretty much a complete endocrine meltdown- my thyroid, hormones and adrenal glands were out of whack. At the time, I thought I had a cold virus deep in my ear canals because I pretty much lost most of my hearing and everything sounded as if I was under water. I was putting drops in my ears non-stop and doing a neti-pot. Little did I know that the reason I couldn’t hear had nothing to do with a virus or wax build up but had to do with inflammation.


    While in Connecticut, at this gorgeous old grand hotel, there was lots of Coneflower growing all over. At this point, since nothing had worked so far, I mentioned to my boyfriend that maybe my ear canals are inflamed and that Echinacea may help. He lit up to the opportunity to go pick some coneflowers and make me a tea (I think at this point he was tired of putting drops in my ears.) Anyway, he was so excited to do this task since he always liked foraging for flowers and often made me beautiful bouquets at home with his finds in the neighborhood. (Yes, he was truly a remarkable fellow- romantic without being mushy or trying too hard.) He left with a bag and a smile as he stealthy traveled to the vast yards and gardens hunting for the coneflower plants.


    When he got back to the room with his stash and a smile, he made me tea with the room’s coffee pot.


    I would love to tell you that the Echinacea helped, but at this point my system was not doing well at all and it would take a couple of more months of me finding out what was actually wrong with me. Luckily, I found a great doctor who on the second visit, after digging deeper in to previous symptoms (like being cold all the time, even when it’s warm outside, weight gain and dry, cracked fingernails) that blood work was ordered to confirm the mess my endocrine system was in.


    So… why did I design a pendant of the Coneflower if the tea didn’t help? It’s because for me, this pendant represents the love and enthusiasm that my boyfriend had and the memories of that wonderful trip we took together.


    The pendants are currently being made and we will have the pendants sometime in March or April. Just like Coneflowers in nature, the center is raised. These will be made from Genuine Sterling Silver with a satin and shiny technique applied to the petals and the center will be plated in gold.


    CONTEST Information:


    We have Selected the 2 Contest Winners and have sent an email to each one of them. Once we have their confirmation we will publish their first names.

    We have named our new Pendant the Daisy Coneflower Sterling Silver Pendant. 


    Prior Information:

    We are giving away 2 of these Pendants – all we ask is for you to help us come up with a name for the pendant. We are also going to send you a 16" chain with a 2" extender for the pendant. 


    The first winner will be the person who has the winning name. If there are multiple submissions for the same name, then we will randomly draw for that name. For instance, if the winning name is Avery (which it won't be since our butterfly necklace is named that,) and 10 people submitted Avery, then we would randomly draw a winner from those that submitted the name Avery.


    The second winner would be from ALL submissions and will be picked randomly.


    These pendants are in the process of being made and we probably won't have them in stock until sometime in March or April.


    Deadline for Submissions is midnight eastern time February 29th, 2020.


    Click HERE to SUBMIT Your Entry.


    Click HERE for the RULES of the Contest.