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100 Things You Can Do During Social Distancing



Last month, I did a blog post about 5 Easy Ways to Meet People and Do Something Interesting. That article was all about getting out of the house and trying new things. But now we are in a circumstance with physical distancing (aka social distancing) and self-isolation to ensure our safety, health and well-being. Though our primary concern is that we all come out COVID-19 unscathed, being at home for a long period of time can become monotonous and tedious unless if we are proactive in finding worthwhile things to occupy our time. TV and movies are wonderful, but there is only so much of anything before it becomes boring. With this in mind, I’ve compiled a list a things to do at home that I have taken from several sources and broke it down in categories. I used many links with this article so that you will have not only ideas but also instructions and information. You can read this in small chunks or plow through it, whichever works best for you.



Expressing Your Creativity!

  1. Rearrange your furniture. By rearranging your furnishing, you can create a whole new flow and make your house feel like a different environment. Maybe take some cues from Feng Shui to help create flow and harmony.
  2. Move artwork and wall hangings to different rooms to create a new vibe.
  3. Make a collage from old photographs or use photos from the web.
  4. Do you have old house paint? If you do, and you also have a board or other flat surface, you can create your own wall art.
  5. Many of us have a plethora of old buttons in a bin. Fear not… you can make art of these! Check out this article for inspiration!
  6. Needle, thread and old clothes? There is so much you can do with these items from making stuffed toys to pillows or totally redesigning a current look. Check out this article for 50 create ideas!
  7. Have rope? Explore these very creative and lovely things you can make from rope.
  8. Is there a box of old hardware hanging out in your garage? If you have some old door knobs lying about, how about making one of these great projects?
  9. Do you have craft projects you have started in the past? Write down a list of them and set a goal on how many you want to complete over the next few weeks.
  10. More craft ideas here using common household items… I love the penny vase!


Cleanliness is Next to …


  1. Reorganize your pantry- You can find ideas here.
  2. Do a thorough Spring Cleaning with a list of those things we completely forget about, such as drapes, our doormats and more!
  3. Don’t forget about that coffee pot- to learn more about what lurks inside of it, check out un’kupped.
  4. Wash the things that often get overlooked like your sneakers and slippers.
  5. If you have a pressure washer, this may be a good time to wash your patios, roofs, driveways and stucco or siding. Please follow all safety measures when using a pressure washer.
  6. Clean your car like a professional and maybe jam out to the song Carwash when you are doing so!
  7. Clean out your basement or attic. This is a great time to get rid of items that you will never use and then donate them!
  8. Give some TLC to your garage.
  9. Wash and Clean all of the dog and cat toys! Pay careful attention since the toys are made from different materials- this article gives you tips for cleaning each type of toy.
  10. Go high! Light fixtures, ceilings, ceiling fans, sconces, art work, shelves, alcoves and recesses- they all need a good dusting and cleaning too.


Take Good Care of Yourself


  1. Start with your toes and give yourself a home pedicure.
  2. While you are at it, you can also give yourself a manicure!
  3. When was the last time you did a hair treatment? Doing an at home hair treatment is a good way to take your hair to the next level of health and vibrancy.
  4. Nothing is more relaxing than a facial. Use the products you have or check out which is a skin care company focused on women over 50.
  5. Light some candles and take a relaxing bath. Here are some good tips for creating the best experience.
  6. Get rid of unwanted hair. Pluck your brows (or in my case, my chin!) and feel more confident being well-groomed.
  7. Give yourself a massage. Yes, you can actually give yourself a massage, though it will be different than what you get from a professional OR…
  8. Have a loved one give you a massage. If they don’t know how, have them read this.
  9. Drink LOTS of water! Staying hydrated is good for you inside and out! Here’s some tips to get in that water (including ways to flavor water or get the hydration from certain foods)
  10. Meditate, pray, nap or relax- it is important to take time to quiet your mind.


Stay Social


You can still be social while physically distancing yourself and here are some ways to do so:

  1. Call your friends and loved ones. Make a list of everyone you know. Do a rotation and call at least one person each day.
  2. Write letters or emails. Writing letters has quickly become a lost art but you can help bring it back. There are many people who would love a letter from you.
  3. Participate positively on social media. Remember, you get more flies with honey so share uplifting stories, happy photos, encouraging quotes and positive memes. Don’t know what to share? Check out Nature Reflections Facebook page as we are committed to posting one positive meme a day.
  4. Join social media groups that have like interest. In the search area of Facebook, type in something that you are interested in and then join the group. This is an easy way to meet others with the same interest.
  5. Play a game! Many computer and mobile games have a chat feature and you can make new friends or play with existing friends. One of my favorites is the classic Words with Friends.
  6. Have dinner with friends with a video call. Use Skype, Facetime, Google Duo or What’s App. Set up your computer, tablet or phone at your dinning table. Have your friends or family join in the call and eat together as if you were in the same room.
  7. Get comfortable with texting. Sending “I love you” or “thinking of you” to your friends and family helps with connecting through text. Send photos and ask for them to send you pictures. The more comfortable you get with chatting, the more you will feel connected.
  8. Walk your neighborhood but make sure to keep at least 6 feet away from others. Wave hi to your neighbors, even if you haven’t spoken to them yet. Do this often and you will eventually develop a relationship. Yell out some “how are you doing?” and “I hope you are well!”
  9. Watch Movies with others using Netflix Party Chrome Extension on your laptop computer. It’s a way to watch movies with your friends and family at the same time and you can chat in the application with each other.
  10. Use three way calling on your phone. Back in the 90s, three-way calling was a feature that many had used and this is a great time to bring it back. Get all of your kids on the phone at the same time. Or, get a group of your friends together. Sometimes, more really is merrier!


Learn Something New!


  1. Take an online course at You can learn just about anything, from Reiki Healing to Starting Your Own Business. It was a course I took on Udemy that started my entrepreneurship!
  2. Many local libraries also have online courses for free or they partner with other course catalogs.
  3. Some universities and community colleges offer free online courses. Or, if you have been putting off getting your degree, this may be the perfect time to register and get back to learning.
  4. When my son was a teenager, learned to play guitar by watching YouTube Anytime I need to do something in excel that I haven’t done in a while, I go to Youtube for a refresher. I tiled my kitchen backsplash and learned how to use a wet saw by watching Youtube.
  5. Check out books online through your local library or
  6. Read e-books to learn something new or
  7. Read free opensource college textbooks online.
  8. Listen or Watch TED. TED talks are quick little talks from industry experts with varied subjects including talks on technology, science, design, business, communication, activism, personal growth, the environment, humanity, the future and more. Innovative and fun, one of my favorites is this one.
  9. In regards to TED, NPR has some fantastic podcast including the TED Radio Hour, This American Life and more. There are so many NPR podcast to explore.
  10. And if you find yourself loving podcast but don’t know where to find more, check out this site here which will keep you busy in your discovery.


Keep on Moving


It’s so easy to just park yourself on the couch or in front of a computer when you are home. Here’s how to stay moving.


  1. Start a yoga practice. Need something to help you begin then check out this Sliver Sneakers YouTube video.
  2. You already do yoga and you miss your studio classes? Check Out Amazon Prime or this article on yoga classes on YouTube.
  3. For a low key and slow stretch video, I found this little gem with the one and only Richard Simmons. It is stretching to the very old oldies (classical music!)
  4. Or, if you are not one for structured workout videos, turn up some music and just dance around your living room for 20 minutes. Create yourself a play list of some of your favorite songs. I tend to lean more towards alternative rock and these are some of my favorites to dance out to: Should I Stay or Should I Go by the Clash, Change by Churchill and Cake By The Ocean by DNCE.
  5. Do old fashion calisthenics in your living room such as touching your toes, jumping jacks, planks, lunges, etc. Write out the things you like to do and create your own little workout.
  6. If you have an exercise bike, a treadmill or a home gym collecting dust, then go ahead and clean them up and start using them. But..
  7. If you do not have any home equipment, you can always use household items. Here is a video exercise with can food.
  8. Lift your knees up. Every time you go from room to room in your house, march your way there. The exaggerated movement of marching may look silly but it is a way to get some exercise in throughout the day without really trying.
  9. Work your core by doing balance exercises. Check out this video where you use a chair to help you with your exercises.
  10. If you can walk your neighborhood and practice social distancing (at least 6 feet away from others) then do so. Or, walk in your home or around your yard. If you have to stay indoors, clear a pathway and walk as if you are doing laps in a pool. Movement is so important right now to maintain your health.


Home Improvements


  1. Do paint touchups around the house. Those little nicks on the edges of walls could use some TLC.
  2. Clean out your dryer ducts. Not only will your clothes dry faster and you will use less electricity, you could be preventing a fire hazard as well.
  3. Remove the sediment from your water heater.
  4. Replace dingy switch plate covers or, better yet, get creative and make an interesting and decorative switch plate cover.
  5. Fix wobbly chairs around your home. Here is the take apart and glue way or you can watch this video which tackles dining room chairs.
  6. Depending on the kind of windows you have, you may run into them sticking or being hard to open and close. Here is a cheat sheet on how to fix multiple types of windows.
  7. Got lots of little holes in your walls from old pictures and art work? Here’s a video to help you repair those walls, especially if you are going to paint them afterwards.
  8. Clean your windows and screens. If you are going to do all of your screens at once, use a sharpie to mark which window the screen came from so that it is easy to put them back once they are dried and cleaned.
  9. Repair the dings and scuff marks on your floors. Here is a bunch of articles depending on the type of floor you have and the issue you are experiencing.
  10. Caulk your tubs, windows or any area that could use a good caulking. I like this video except for the very beginning… please cut away from your hand, not towards it. 😊

Be a Hobbyist!


There are countless hobbies but here are a few suggestions if you are looking for something to do:


  1. Grow something! Start an indoor or outdoor garden.
  2. Regrow your vegetables? You can easily grow things like ginger, garlic, celery and more. Check out this article on vegetable scraps that are easy to regrow.
  3. Write a journal. You can use a notebook, pad, word program or one of these journaling apps.
  4. Shop! Yes, you can shop online. Shopping helps the economy and small business (like Nature Reflections) to stay vital and in business. This virus will pass and you will have something to look forward to with your new finds.
  5. Become a fermenter. Make Sauerkraut, Kombucha, Sourdough Bread and more. Wild Fermentation is my favorite site and book.
  6. Have you ever thought about coding? You can learn how to code for free at
  7. Knitting and Crocheting are great hobbies to do because you can make beautiful things and do it while listening to music or watching TV.
  8. Have you ever wondered about your ancestry but don’t know where to begin? Here is a list of sites to get you started.
  9. Preserve your family recipes and stories by writing them down. Share them with your family through email or create a private family Facebook group and invite your family members to it. Who knows, you may have a future best seller or the basis of a movie script!
  10. Learn a new language. Here are some sites to get you started.



Additional Things to do:

  1. Enjoy Nature from your Phone, Tablet or Laptop. Enjoy these Wildlife Webcams.
  2. Volunteer. Here are seven ways you can help others during this time period.
  3. Create beautiful Social Media Posts and Memes using tools such as Canva.
  4. Do you know how to sew and want to help out? You may be able to make some masks.
  5. Explore recipes and cook things you haven’t cooked in the past or in a while. There are so many recipe sites. One of my favorites is Isa Chandler Moskowitz Post Punk Kitchen for delicious vegan and plant-based food.
  6. Start composting. This is a natural way to get rid of waste and create rich soil for your yard or garden.
  7. Save seeds from your fruits and vegetables. You can use them for future harvests.
  8. Have date night with your loved ones or by yourself. Order delivery through one of many food apps like Grub hub, Door Dash, Postmates, Uber Eats or Favor. Just go to the Apple Store or Play Store on Your Phone and Type in food delivery to see which ones deliver in your zip code. Please make sure to note that they leave the items at your door (you can see on the app when it is delivered) and make sure to tip these hard-working drivers.
  9. Watch a movie. Don’t know what to watch? Find a list of the best of a certain genre or watch one of the best movies of all time.
  10. Watch a series from beginning to end. Please spread it out over days or weeks. Don’t know where to begin? Explore your options with this list.


More Reminders to Take Care of Yourself


  1. You may not be as active as you were and may get laxed on hygiene. However, taking a shower makes you feel refreshed. Shower at least every other day. Always shower and wash your clothes when you get back from going out in public.
  2. Moisturize yourself. Take care of your skin even though you may not be out and about.
  3. Sleep. Try your best to stay on routine and a schedule. It is easy to let the days blur together and then mess up your sleeping pattern.
  4. Plan each day with activities, ways to socialize from a distance and keep your mind and body active.
  5. Destress. Breathe deeply. Do the things that keep you most at peace.
  6. Focus on positive things. Keep reminders of what brings you joy. Visualize happiness and health.
  7. Take advantage of this as an opportunity to grow. Pat yourself on the back each day for your accomplishments.
  8. Use positive self-talk and when others give you compliments and support, accept it with grace.
  9. Be kind to you and everyone else. We are all going through this together.
  10. And know… this too shall pass. We may not know how long but history dictates that this is only temporary.


Theresa Touhey is the owner of Nature Reflections which is an online jewelry store that focuses on Unique, Handcrafted Jewelry that is Nature Inspired.

















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