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Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Sterling Silver

Gold, silver and platinum are the metals of choice when you're looking for quality jewelry. They simply have an elegant look for any occasion. In fact, they remain stylish for decades at a time. If you're particularly interested in sterling silver, there's an encyclopedia of information just waiting to be discovered. Sterling silver or STG silver is one of the most versatile metals used in handmade jewelry today. Take a tour of the STG-silver world with Natural Reflections Jewelry. You'll feel confident about your next purchase as a result.

1. What is STG Silver?

When it comes to making jewelry, pure metals are often sought after by jewelers and consumers alike. Wearing pure silver must be better than STG silver. This thought process, however, isn't correct. In fact, jewelry made of pure silver will never last.

STG silver is an alloy or mixture of silver and copper together. The fact that it's a mixed metal doesn't degrade its value. In reality, STG silver tends to be more attractive and valuable because of its copper ingredient.

On its own, silver is incredibly soft. Jewelry in the form of a chain or pendant will show signs of damage after only a few uses. The copper component adds a level of durability to the item. You can still enjoy the silver's pure color, but with the copper influence being limited to structural integrity only.

You'll find STG silver for nearly every type of jewelry you might want in your collection. From earrings to necklaces, STG silver matches almost every outfit.

2. 925 Silver Versus STG Silver

You've probably seen many descriptive terms in association with STG silver, including satin finish or brush texture. However, the term "925" is often noted with the STG-silver industry. There must be differences between these two terms.

Every woman should know that 925 silver is just another term for STG silver. There's absolutely no difference between the two descriptions. The 925 designation refers to the silver content.

For a piece of jewelry to be designated as STG silver, it must have exactly 92.5-percent silver and 7.5-percent copper. This metal mixture gives the jewelry a silver appearance but with copper's strength.

If you're unsure about your metal's quality, most jewelers mark their work with "925" or "Ster." Simply examine the item before you purchase it. Both of these markings indicate pure STG silver. Leaving out the "925" doesn't mean anything in the long run.

3. The Benefits of STG Silver

The main benefit of STG silver is beauty. It's simply a gorgeous color and reflects light in almost any setting. Consider the other benefits that should be weighed before you purchase a pendant, necklace or chain.

a. Creative Designs

There are almost no boundaries when it comes to creative styles with STG silver. A jeweler can use several strategies, such as the lost wax method, in order to create a shape. This particular method involves liquid metal poured into a shape that forms a cast. Practically any shape, from a heart to a rabbit, can be created for your jewelry.

b. Low-Cost Luxury

Unlike gold or platinum, STG silver isn't expensive. The material tends to be budget friendly for most people. The pricing simply varies when you add in design intricacies and size.

c. A Precious Metal

STG silver is a precious metal, so it can be given as a special gift on most occasions. Graduations, birthdays and other milestones can be accented with a STG-silver gift. The items themselves can be as ornate or simple as you desire.

d. Perfect for Sensitive Skin

STG silver is hypoallergenic, which means that it won't irritate your skin. If you tend to react to metals, such as gold, STG silver is a perfect alternative.

4. Discovering the Beauty of STG Silver With Stones

STG silver on its own is a glorious piece of jewelry, but you may want a bit more detail to your look. Consider items that are handmade with semi-precious stones. From agate the quartz, these stones bring gorgeous color to the simple silver foundation.

Gemstones can be cut into almost any shape. Dragonflies, water droplets and daisies are just a few of the shapes that might draw your interest.

Many of these handmade pieces also have gold overlay as an accent piece. There's no reason why you can't have a mixture of metals on your STG silver. They'll only offer a unique twist to the design that reflects your personality.

Browse through our inventory to see our semi-precious stones and STG silver. It might be difficult to choose just one piece.

5. Exploring Handmade Sterling-Silver Jewelry

The best way to introduce yourself to the STG-silver world is by accenting your look with items from Natural Reflections Jewelry. Our stunning Tori Bunny will capture your heart. She rests on a swing created from pink mother of pearl shell. This character has so much personality woven into her features that you may not want to go without this treasure for even for one day.

Start a conversation with a ring that's essentially a silver honeycomb shape. A curious bee dances on this design, which we call the Scarlett Bee ring. Every piece of handmade jewelry always has slight differences that gives them unique features for each buyer.

Treat yourself or a loved one to STG silver handmade jewelry. The gift-giving memory will stay with them forever.

6. Wearing STG Silver

Wearing STG silver is certainly a fashion statement. The shimmering metal stands out whether you're wearing a pendant or ring. You can wear several pieces of jewelry at once, and the look still appears classy and elegant.

A unique aspect to wearing STG silver is its purported health benefits. This metal is an element found in nature. The human body tends to work harmoniously with natural elements.

Many cultures across the world will use silver as an antimicrobial tool. It purportedly fights off germs. Some women have even noticed a change in their skin around the silver items if they wear them on a regular basis.

Many health claims haven't been scientifically proven, but you can make your own decision on the subject by trying a few pieces of jewelry from our collection. Adorn yourself with a bunny or honeycomb design to see what the excitement is all about.

7. How to Care for STG Silver

Your STG silver can practically last a lifetime with the proper care. In fact, caring for sterling silver is relatively simple.

On a regular basis, take a microfiber cloth and wipe it down. A gentle hand on the item is how any tarnish or fingerprints will disappear.

Take a good look at your jewelry before going any further with the cleaning process, however. The item might have semi-precious stones or gold overlay. Always use a gentle rubbing action on these items. Avoid any abrasive elements at all times.

Nature Reflections Jewelry suggests that wearing your items is one of the best strategies when it comes to caring for sterling silver. The item is only coming into contact with your skin and no other objects. Any friction against the metal is minimal.

If you want to give the jewelry a bit more cleaning action, try mild detergent mixed with water. Wash away any grease or debris with a gentle hand and rinsing.

Discover our small treasures at Nature Reflections Jewelry today. Our STG-silver inventory is full of characters with personalities that rival their future owners. Express yourself with a necklace or earrings made of this high-quality metal. It'll become a family heirloom in no time.
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