Five Great Things About Spring

Living in Florida, we pretty much have 2 seasons which are “Heat and Humidity Season” and then Spring. Our Spring actually starts in November and lasts until March. This is when our daily temperatures are usually under 85 degrees and you can do things outdoors without becoming soaking wet in 5 minutes. However, much of the country Spring starts in March and lasts until June. As a Floridian, I love Spring (even though it is starting to get hot here and it is a sampling of what is to come) because I know it is when things are starting to happen across the county- with flowers blooming and birds singing and so much more. To get you inspired, here are some of the things to help you celebrate in Spring:



Spring is a wonderful time to travel, especially if you are not doing a family vacation or going to a Spring Break destination. The crowds are less and the weather is usually decent and you can get by with a light coat or a thick sweater. In Washington DC, you have the beauty of the cherry blossoms. Key West, Florida is quaint and serene during this time of year- the snow birds (people who live in Florida during the summer months) have gone home and as long as you don’t go during Memorial Day weekend, you will feel like you have the place to yourself. Go out to the country side small towns of California or Texas and you will see wide open fields of flowers. Though skiing may be over at most ski destinations, you can go to these places without the crowds and explore the beauty of the new growth and nature as it peeks through the snow or sit by a babbling brook as the ice melts. Big Cities like New York and Chicago are waking up from their winter slumber and are bursting with activity. Traveling during the Spring is fun and at most destinations, there are less crowds than during the summer months since kids are still in school.



Shopping in the Spring is so much fun! This is the time of year when stores bring in clothes with color. Pretty prints of flowers and swirls fill the aisles. When you shop online, the pastel pinks, sky blues and minty greens soothe and beckon you to put on something a little lighter, brighter and softer. The accessories in spring reflect the season, with lightweight purses and jewelry with flowers, pearls and light stones. It is also a good time to buy sandals and it’s the absolute best time to buy a bathing suit before they are all picked over. (A little tip about bathing suit shopping- the day before you go, put on some sunless tanning lotion so you can get a more accurate assessment on how the color will look on you with a little bit of sun.)



This is the time of year that babies are born in the animal kingdom. In Florida, we see lots of baby birds during this time of year. Take a visit to your local animal sanctuary and see everything from baby goats, calves, sheep, chickens and more... your heart will just melt with the cuteness and the animal sanctuaries could use your help. If you have pets, they are excited for longer walks because like us, they enjoy the more moderate temperatures. Take your pooch to a dog park and throw a ball or visit a local lake or trail … your doggy will be happy with the new experience. Or, go to a forest preserve and watch the otters and beavers make a damn, sit by a lake and watch a mama duck swim with her ducklings or if you are lucky, you may see a deer and her fawn.



There always seems to be something to do during the springtime! Art shows, outdoor concerts, food festivals, church and school carnivals, boat shows, car shows, wine tastings and more can be had during the spring. Just check out your local news sources and you will find a plethora of events during the spring including Mardi Gras, Easter, Passover and other celebrations. Outdoor sporting events get launched in the springtime. So, whether you go see a Spring Training Baseball Game, watch a car race, participate in a charity walk or run, you will sure be able to find something to do during the Spring.



Of course, the best part of Spring is Nature. In Florida, I like to take a car trip to one of the Manatee Habitats and walk around and watch manatees gather. I also like to meet my friend Natasha (who makes the prettiest bento box picnic lunches) and eat lunch at Mead Gardens. Packing up a picnic and going out in Nature is a wonderful way to enjoy the spring. Walk in the woods, skim pebbles into a lake, meditate by a stream, hike through a thicket, take photos of a field… there are just so many ways to enjoy nature and create memories. While you are out in nature, you just may come across a plein air artist painting the landscape. Or, you may be that artist, interpreting the scenery, shooting a photograph, writing a poem or stacking rocks and twigs… create with your heart and the energy of the season. There is just so much to celebrate during the Spring!


About the author: Theresa Touhey is the owner of Nature Reflections Jewelry and writes a blog post at least once a month with a focus on nature, embracing life, beauty, travel and anything that she feels her audience will enjoy.





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