How to Create Your Own Mantra: A Guide from Nature Reflections Jewelry

A Mantra is a statement or slogan repeated frequently. It can be the same thing as a positive affirmation. You can say them out loud, or you can say them internally.

I think they are best used when you want to emphasize something you already are. If I said all day long, I am 130 pounds- which I am far from that; I would have a disconnect between my current reality and what I am saying.

One mantra that I have used for over 30 years is

“I am a beautiful light being from the divine.”

The reason why this one resonates with me is that beauty is something that can be both internal and external. You don’t have to look like what society projects as beautiful.

Take, for instance, Betty White. Her spirit was beautiful. When she was on screen, the light shone from her. When we see pictures of her when she was young, it would be easy to say that she was also physically beautiful. But her internal beauty shined and carried her through her life.

I have gone through periods of my life where I would say the mantra 5-20 times a day for months on end. During those times, people would come up to me and say things like, “wow, you are so beautiful” (this was even without make-up and dressed in my around-the-house clothes.) Or, they would say, you have such light around you, or they would say that I glow.

One of those times was when I was living in Nebraska. I was checking out at the grocery store, and a much older woman came up and said she was drawn to me by my aura. She was in her final months of life, succumbing to cancer she had battled for decades. She told me she could see the light and beauty and just had to be near me. We chatted a while and gave hugs. I have chills just talking about it now.

One of the reasons I like to wear an angel caller or harmony ball (and yes, they are the same thing, they go by many different names) is because as I move about my day, I hear it, and it reminds me to say a mantra. The more I repeat a mantra, the more I project that in my life.

You can create your mantra, one that is meaningful to you. Let’s say you want to project the love in your heart, and maybe you haven’t felt that loving lately. That is ok. Love never completely disappears. You may love your pet or pizza or your garden. You know there is some love there. So, a good mantra may be:

“Love is in my heart.”

I promise that the more you say it, the more you will feel and start to project love.

But let’s say you have a hard time accepting love from others. You may want to use a mantra similar to this one:

“Love flows to me, and I accept it fully and completely.”


Just remember, you can create any mantra that you feel comfortable with. I recommend that it is something you believe you possess so that you are not having a push-pull with it. Keep it positive and in the now. And a good starting point is to begin the mantra with the words “I am.”


To learn more about mantras and how you can use them with angel callers and harmony balls, please visit: 10 Ways to Use Angel Callers and Harmony Balls.

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