How to Determine the Best Fitting Jewelry for You!

Today, you can conveniently shop for beautiful jewelry from the comfort of your couch or bed. Online shopping is easy and convenient. At Nature Reflections, we want you to order with confidence so that each purchase is perfect upon receipt. Discover the clever tips and tricks to help you determine how the piece of jewelry will look in regards to size.

Getting a Perspective on Size

Shopping online is a great way to see dozens of different products in just a few minutes. The key is to be able to visualize those products on your wrist, neck or ears. Gaining a perspective on size is how you can pick the right jewelry every time. It is why the first step is to read the details and descriptions so that you know the measurements of each item.

One way to visualize the actual size is by using the coin trick. If an item is described as an "inch in diameter," it has a rough size of a common quarter. In contrast, a dime is a bit larger than a half-inch, which is another coin to use to visualize size of smaller items.

Measurements for Accuracy

Ideally, pull out your trusty measuring tape or ruler to really visualize size before you finalize your jewelry order.

For bracelets, you can wrap the tape around your wrist to verify what size bracelet is right for your wrist. The bracelet should be slightly larger in diameter than your wrist for a comfortable fit. Let’s say, your wrist measures 7”. Then you would want a bracelet that measures 7.25” or larger. Another great option is an adjustable bracelet, so you can be sure to get the right size.

When you measure a ring size, you can take a piece of string, wrap it around your finger. Now that you have the measurement of the diameter of your finger, you can match it to the size chart on our website. The good news is that most of our rings are adjustable and fit between US ring sizes 5.5 – 8, which gives you lots of flexibility in which finger you would like to wear the ring.

To determine the best length of necklace, you can always measure a necklace that you currently own and like the length. This measurement can be your guide while you are shopping. However, if you do not have a favorite necklace or are looking for a particular length, you can use a cloth style measuring tape to find the length you desire.

Generally speaking, 14”-16” length is considered a choker length. This means that the necklace will either fit around your neck or sit around the collar bones. An 18” length is good for wearing with V necklines. However, if you are petite or plus size, you may want to go down or up in size. If you layer necklaces, you may want to determine the length of other necklaces you will wear and shop for a length in that gap. For instance, if you normally wear a chain with a pendant that is 18” in length, and you want to wear another necklace along with your chain, then you may opt for something that is 20-22” or longer in length.

Keep in mind, when you order a necklace or chain, the way it lays on you will be determined by two factors, the size of your neck, shoulders and decolletage and the style of necklace and chain. A necklace or chain with a pendant will fall to a V-shape and will lay slightly longer than a necklace or chain without a pendant that creates the center weight.

Long length necklaces, those that are 24” or longer, are great for wearing with tunics. Necklaces such as malas, can be knotted and wrapped around your neck twice to wear when you want something shorter. Many folks also wear malas as wrapped bracelets.

Earrings can be the star of the show or a subtle accent to your outfit. Stud style earrings vary from a minimalistic size to bold and dramatic. To visualize how stud style earrings will look on you, stand in front of a mirror and place a dime up to your earlobe. If it looks small, then you will want to go with something larger and you can test by holding up a nickel or quarter. However, if it looks large to you, then you would want to go with something smaller than a dime.

Normally, petite size earrings are smaller than a dime. If you see any measurement less than .6 inches, then you know these earrings are petite in size. This is a perfect size for people who are smaller in stature or those that like earrings that fit on lobe and don’t exceed the lobe space.

However, if you want a stud style earring with more substance, than look for one that is larger than a dime or nickel. A nickel is .83” in diameter and a quarter is .95 inches in diameter. You may also want to go with s stud style earring that also has a drop if you like something bold and dramatic.

When it comes to hanging earrings, otherwise known as drop or dangle style, the best way to measure is with a ruler. Stand in front of a mirror and hold the top of the rule to the hole in your ear. Then, look to see where you would ideally like the earring to end. That would be the length that you would look for when you are buying dangle and drop style earrings.

You will also want to look at the width of an earring. Sometimes an earring longer in length is not as significant in size as one that is shorter but much wider. Use your ruler to determine how wide of an earring you like or measure earrings you already own to help you visualize what your new earrings will look like when you receive them.

Examples of Jewelry In Regards to Sizes



Petite- Small

Dime Size .6”

Nevaeh Sterling Silver Honey Bee

Medium Size

Quarter Size .94”

Kira Handmade Sunrise at Sea Genuine Sterling Silver


Short- Choker Style

Fits at collar bones for average size women – 16” in length plus extender

Helen Natural Amazonite and Seed Bead

For V-Necks

Fits below the collar bones for average size women- 18” in length plus extender

Avery Sterling Silver Zebra Long Wing Butterfly

To wear over shirts – Mid length

Fits longer on décolletage above breast line- 22” in length

Lila Jasper Teardrop and Seed Bead Dual Layer

Very Long

Past the bust line- tunic length- 40” in length

Davina Natural Stone Charm Tassel Necklace



Smaller than a dime- .38" x .47"

Dani Sterling Silver Handmade Honey Bee Stud


Slightly Smaller than a dime .5”

Rosaleen Sterling Silver Handmade Cute Owl Stud


Slightly larger than a quarter in length 1.06" x .73

Elise Beautiful Bee and Honeycomb Sterling Silver


Slightly Longer than 2 quarters, 2” in length


Rosa Silver Handmade Cloud Earrings

Very Long

3 quarters in length and  may graze the top of shoulders on some women- 2.87" in length x  1.14"

Kali Sterling Silver Rectangular Dangle Earrings



Now that you have these great tips, you are a visualization master and can confidently shop for your favorite jewelry.

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