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How to Use and Wear Angel Caller or Harmony Ball Jewelry for Spiritual and Emotional Benefits

Angel Callers and Harmony Balls have been associated with many cultures worldwide. They have gone by many names, including Zen meditation orbs, fairy bells, spiritual orbs, pregnancy bells, chime balls, etc. It doesn’t matter what you call them since they are flexible pieces of jewelry whose intentions are based on how you choose to use them. There is no right or wrong way to wear one, nor do you need to fret about which design to choose. It is your energy and your desire that makes the jewelry special.

You may still struggle with ideas on using one of these unique jewelry pieces. Though they can be used for different reasons, we will give you some more popular usages.



Over the past decade, things like fidget spinners have gained popularity. Angel Callers and Harmony Balls can be used to help with moments of stress and anxiety. Running your fingers over the surface can be a smoothing sensation for some. Also, shaking the orb is a distraction, allowing one to take a few moments to take deep breaths and regroup. They can also remind you when you hear the chime to slow down, gather thoughts, write a list or do the actions that help you destress.


Like the sound can remind you to de-stress, it can also remind you to meditate. You may want to sit in a quiet place and close your eyes, taking three deep, slow breaths. After taking the breaths, you can shake the orb and allow the sound to guide your mind to the one thing you want to meditate on (this thing may change each time you meditate.) We have personally used it to help us clear our minds when we are thinking about too many things and will shake the chime a few times, asking ourselves, what is the most crucial thing to examine now?


Sometimes, we need a reminder to pray. Even if we have a prayer routine, there are times when we feel that we need the connection that we get from prayer. You may wear your Angel Caller or Harmony Ball as you go about your day, and then you hear the chime due to your movement. This could be the opportunity for you to say a prayer, such as a prayer of peace for all humanity, or another prayer that has special significance to you (such as the Serenity Prayer.)


One of the most common ways someone uses an Angel Caller or Harmony Ball is to remember someone who passed away.  We often wear one and imagine white light around the orb and white light around the person we remember. We will shake the ball and think of them each time we hear the chime. We will say something internally to the person we love, such as “thank you for watching over me,” “I love you,” or “I am so glad you were my mother.” It is a way to keep those we cherish in the forefront of our busy lives and pay homage to their memory.


Angel Callers and Harmony Balls can help us bring new things into our lives. We can use them to manifest. Remember, with manifestation, you must visualize what you want has already happened and feel the energy as if it is happening now. Most of all, be grateful for what you already have and what you are receiving. A way to manifest with the orb is to shake it and then say, “I am grateful for ____,” and picture what it is and feel it in your heart. For example, if you are single and want to attract a new love interest into your life, you may want to say something like, “I am grateful that my partner is in sync with me, that they are supportive and loving, and that we have fun together, laughing with each other.” Paint the picture of the two of you in your life, and every time you hear the orb, say and feel what you want to attract. (Remember always to keep it positive and not say the things you don’t want.)

Positive Affirmations

Sometimes, we may struggle with recognizing the fantastic person that we are. Unfortunately, many of us have negative self-talk, but Angel Callers and Harmony Balls can help us train ourselves to say positive affirmations. Strong affirmations start with “I AM” and can be pretty straightforward. We often use “I am a beautiful light being from the divine.” But you can use whatever one works best for you, such as “I am deserving of all of the wonderful things in my life.” Or “I am smart, strong, and successful.” We are sure you have a list of attributes you can create positive affirmations from and apply every time you hear the chime.


Our lives seem to flow better when we exist with gratitude. When we hear the chime or shake the orb, we will reflect on what we are grateful for in our lives. It may be the sound of the birds chirping in the morning, enough almond milk in the fridge for our morning coffee, or our relationship with our sister is solid and loving. Gratitude can be for the big and the minor things in your life. Hearing the chime can help get you back into a state of appreciation, leading to joy.

Calling Upon Angels or Spirit Guides

Let’s face it; life isn’t always easy. But we are not alone; we are all connected. You can use your Angel Caller or Harmony Ball to call upon the Angels or your Spirit Guides. Much like remembering someone special, you can ask your Angels and or Spirit Guides to come and help you whenever you shake the orb. They want to be there for us and help us. You can ask them, saying something like, “Dear Angels and Those that Guide and Protect Me, please help me whenever I shake the orb.” And always thank them before the help is there. Remember that some things in our life cannot be resolved immediately, but your angels and guides will do what they can to help you out.


We often get people who reach out to us thinking that the Angel Callers and Harmony Balls are only for pregnancies. Though they can help soothe babies while in the womb, this is only one of many ways they can be used. Typically, if one were to use one for pregnancy, they would put it on a very long chain so that the orb lays on the stomach area by the baby. Using the ball during pregnancy is two-fold: to call upon the angels for protection and to help soothe the baby with the chime. This is something that has become popular over the past several decades.


Some people also gravitate to Angel Callers and Harmony Ball Jewelry because they like their appearance and sound. There may be no other reason than just what appeals to them. Jewelry is a form of decoration; when we wear things we like, we feel confident and happy. This is why Nature Reflections offers lots of designs so that you can express yourself with items that ring true to you.


Angel Caller and Harmony Ball Jewelry can be worn for many reasons, and you can also use the orbs in various ways. That makes them unique and why so many people have a story behind their Angel Caller and Harmony Ball Jewelry.





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