Jasper- The Stone for Stress

We live such hectic lives. From work, family, household upkeep, traffic, news… we are bombarded with demands of our energy. Sometimes, we forget that we need to recharge and take time for ourselves. Prayer, meditation, relaxation, massage, a dip in water, yoga and walking in nature are a few ways to relieve stress. However, sometimes we still get so bogged down in life that we need a beautiful reminder to slow down and destress. This is where Jasper comes into our repertoire.

Jasper is a stone that is known as the supreme nurturer. Jasper has a mild vibration and helps to ground you and keep you out of your head. It’s a great stone to wear during times of stress and adds to tranquility. It is a good stone for unifying and to get that feeling of wholeness. Jasper aids in the feeling of balance. It’s also a stone of protection- helping you to keep your energy.

However, as with all stones, Jasper is multipurpose. Not only does Jasper help with stress but it is also good at when you need that extra energy and focus. It’s perfect for dream recall as well as determination. It’s great for projects and taps into your creative and imaginative side.

Jasper comes naturally in an array of colors and sometimes grows with other stones. Thus, different jaspers accentuate other energies. Jaspers with browns are help with protection and grounding. Red jaspers aid in removing worry. Jaspers with yellows and oranges are good for building your sense of worth and self-esteem and helps with digestion. Green jasper works on the heart and is great for inflammation.

Wearing jasper, whether in a bracelet, necklace or earrings is a great reminder to pay attention to yourself. Relax and enjoy the little things that make you happy. Life is short and it is a temporary gift… so let your worries go and enjoy the inner peace you deserve.

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