The Blissfulness of Wearing Natural Stones

There are hundreds of different stones that are incredibly attractive in their own right. Whether you're marveling at stone carved out of majestic hillsides or gazing at gemstones in a jewelry shop, women everywhere are often mesmerized by these substances for various reasons. In fact, there may be primal reasons why women want to touch and wear natural stones even today. Discover the blissfulness of wearing these stones, from dramatic onyx to captivating sodalite.

1. The Natural Hum of Stones

There are many reasons why women are attracted to natural stones. The human body shares some of the same minerals that make up these stones. It's possible that the energy within your tissues and the stones are familiar on a primal level.

The idea of crystal healing and feeling the hum of nature around us might originate from the fact that stones aren't just inanimate objects. Crystals grow and break apart just like human tissues. Finding solace and energy in stones as exotic as agate and labradorite is simply natural.

2. Gracing the Neckline

Try on blissfulness at first with a subtle piece of jewelry, including nela-citrine malas. Try them on your neck at first. Hold the stones in your hands, and wrap them around your wrist. With the stones touching your skin, feeling the energy just takes a bit of concentration.

Simple jewelry allows you to incorporate these pieces into your wardrobe without making too much of a social splash. You want to enjoy the jewelry on a personal level at first.

3. Dangling at the Wrist

Bracelets encourage the eyes to look at your graceful fingers, rings and manicure. For a simple look, natural stones in rounded shapes are great for the everyday outfit. When you want a more dramatic appearance, try a wide band that's filled with crystal accents.

Natural stones can be cut into almost any shape and arranged into bracelets that captivate the mind. You might find yourself staring at your own jewelry when certain styles grab your attention.

4. Defining the Ear

Incorporate some of the finest natural stones into your wardrobe when they dangle from your ears. Quartz, agate and other stones can be cut into unique shapes, including butterflies, so that they can adorn your lobes. As they shimmer and dance, you'll feel their movement and sense their energy.

Earrings are smart accessories to round out your outfit. Choose from brightly colored stones to practically transparent varieties. Your style is defined by the stones as you enjoy their energy that's shared with nature surrounding you.

5. Draping Down for Dramatic Effect

When you're looking for a dramatic look, pull out your mala and drape it over your neck. Long malas might reach to your waist. The natural stones, including citrine and jasper, become a focal point. Complement the mala with this jasper and onyx bracelet set too.

Think about wearing this elaborate necklace and bracelet with clothing that has a solid color. Completely black or white outfits allow the stones to stand out.

By making the stones the center of attention, you draw in curious people and exude fine energy. Breaking the ice at a gathering, for example, can be much easier with natural stones as a talking point.

6. Diving Into Chakras

You may have heard the term "chakra" before. It comes from ancient times when natives were trying to explain humans in regards to emotions and physiological reactions. Some people believe that they can use natural stones placed on the seven chakras to unblock them and lead a happier life.

Consider this practice as a form of meditation. The chakras line up from the top of the head and down to the base of the vertebrae. Place natural stones on the skin in each of these seven positions as you remain motionless on your back. It's thought that the stones' energies can invigorate your mind and body after a meditation period.

7. Meditating on a Personal Level

Women don't have to subscribe to a particular belief system to enjoy meditation. Calming the mind has an immediate effect on high blood pressure, stress and other negative reactions across your body. Meditating with a mala, including a 108-bead design, is a clever way to stay focused.

Close your eyes, find a quiet space and place your fingers on a single bead. Repeat a word to yourself. It can be any word that you desire. Move your fingers to the next bead as you repeat the word a second time. Continue with this meditation practice until you reach the 108th bead. Your mind is now clear with natural stones as your clever tool.

Continue on your journey by trying different jewelry styles every day. Feeling and looking spectacular can improve mood and define your personality. Be a unique individual with natural stones to calm and excite you in today's modern world.



Theresa Touhey is the owner of Nature Reflections Jewelry. Nature Reflections focuses on jewelry inspired by Nature with a focus on Natural Stones and Unique Sterling Silver Designs. 

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