Cardinal Angel Caller Harmony Ball Chime Necklace

The History, Symbolism, and Meaning of Angel Callers for Remembrance and Spirituality

Angel Callers, also known as Harmony Balls, are handcrafted pieces of jewelry with a chime inside the orb. They have been used for centuries across different cultures and religions as a symbol of protection, harmony, and spiritual connection. In this article, we'll delve into the history and symbolism behind Angel Callers.


History of Angel Callers


The history of Angel Callers can be traced back to the ancient Maya civilization in Mexico, where they were used as a way to communicate with the spiritual world. The Maya believed that the sound of the chime inside the ball could summon their ancestors' and deities' guidance and protection. The tradition of wearing Angel Callers spread to other cultures, including the Balinese and Javanese in Indonesia, who believed the chime could ward off evil spirits and bring peace and harmony to the wearer.

In the 16th century, Spanish missionaries brought Angel Callers to Europe, where they symbolized motherhood and protection during pregnancy. It was believed that the gentle sound of the chime would soothe the unborn baby and bring good luck to the mother.


The Symbolism of Angel Callers


Angel Callers are associated with various symbols and meanings across different cultures and religions. In many cultures, the chime inside the ball is believed to summon the guidance and protection of angels, spirits, or deities. It is also seen as a symbol of peace, harmony, and spiritual connection.

In Balinese and Javanese cultures, pregnant women often wear Angel Callers to protect the unborn baby. The chime is believed to ward off evil spirits and bring peace and harmony to the mother and baby.

In the Americas, especially during the late 1980s and early 1990s, they were called different names, such as fairy bells, harmony balls, and celestial chimes. Often found in new-age stores or mall kiosks, they became popular and held significant meaning. For those who have lost loved ones, wearing an Angel Caller can be a way to honor and remember them. The gentle sound of the chime can serve as a comforting reminder that their loved one is still with them in spirit.

In addition, some people wear Angel Callers as a way to connect with their own spirituality and inner peace. The chime inside the ball can serve as a calming and grounding presence during meditation or moments of stress.

In Europe, Angel Callers are often associated with motherhood and family. The chime inside the ball is believed to soothe the baby and bring a sense of calm to the mother. Many also wear angel callers with symbols representing nature, heritage, or religious and spiritual symbols.




In conclusion, Angel Callers have a rich history and symbolic meaning that spans different cultures and religions. They are beautiful and meaningful pieces of jewelry that can bring the wearer a sense of peace, harmony, and spiritual connection. Some love the chimes so much that they create their own collections with different designs that hold a special meaning to their lives. Whether worn as a symbol of protection, motherhood, or spiritual guidance, Angel Callers is a timeless piece that continues to hold a special place in the hearts of many people worldwide.


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