The Plain White T is Back!

90’s fashion is continuing to be on trend and the plain white t-shirts is now a staple. It's like Rachel and Monica are back from their heyday!

What works best with the plain white t? When it comes to bottoms, loose jeans and cargo pants. On cool days, throw on a chunky cardigan or a corduroy blazer. So with all of these basics, how do you give your outfit that special twist?

This is where jewelry and accessories come into play. All attention is now on your face … it's your beauty that will shine through! Accentuate your face by securing your hair with headbands or barrettes. Cute drop earrings or hoops will highlight your cheekbones. Draw attention up to your lips with an adorable choker. These are accessories that are not overdone but they add lots of interest to your look!

Now you can go embrace the plain white T without looking plain! Shine and dazzle with beautiful jewelry and accessories from Nature Reflections Jewelry!


Moon and Star Choker



Multi Length Feather and Beads Choker Necklace


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