The Sweet Barrette Trend for 2019

One of the newest trends for 2019 is the barrette. Yes, barrettes have been around for ages but over the past several years the lob and long wavy hairstyles have been in fashion. However, we are now on a course where women are growing out their hair and waiting for the next new exciting style. Enter the barrette and other hair accessories.

The barrette is one of the most perfect hair accessories. It’s great for side sweeping your overgrown bangles and creating a sleek, polished look. It dresses up a half ponytail. It makes a messy bun look thoughtful.

The most sought after barrette will be one that has pearls. The pearl barrette will add a bit of femininity to  the bold shapes ahead. Wearing a pearl barrette will transform your look into something that is fresh, modern and professional.  It’s a trend that will work for anyone!

Grab one of our beautiful pearl barrettes today! 

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