Tips for Finding a Great Dog Groomer

Tips for Finding a Great Dog Groomer

Have you ever had trouble finding a groomer that works for you and your dog?


When I moved back to Florida, I struggled to find a groomer that worked well for me and the dog O I had adopted when I lived in Nebraska. The first one I went to chastised me about the flea deterrent I was using (which worked great in Nebraska, but this is Florida, and the bugs are different here.) The second groomer didn’t get along with my boyfriend, which was strange since he was one of the most likable people I had ever met. Then, someone made a recommendation to me, and that changed everything. So, here are some tips on finding the best groomer for you.


Ask Your Friends, Co-workers, and People You Know and Trust

This is what I should have done when I moved back to Florida. It was one of my friends who recommended All Creatures Pet Grooming. I have been so happy with this place. The customer service and the care my dog gets are outstanding. They also have doggy daycare, and I occasionally take my little fellow there. He gets excited when we turn the corner in the car to go to All Creatures. You know you found a winner when your dog wants to go and get groomed or hang out with the other dogs.


Read Reviews, Not Just the Star Ratings

All Creatures has excellent reviews, but like any business, there are a small number of negative reviews. Sometimes mistakes happen. Sometimes, it is perspective. This is why reading all of the reviews is essential. Reviews usually give a vibe. With my groomers, it is all about friendly service. If that is important to you, then you found your place. But, if you are looking for something else, a super precise cut, you should scout reviews that talk about that. Knowing your expectations helps you to discern the reviews and find a good match.


Do They Offer Additional Services?

Depending on your needs, you may want additional services for your pet. Some groomers offer vaccinations, boarding, daycare, retail supplies, and mobile services. Some may offer unique grooming services such as dying the fur or painting the toenails. I love that my groomer has daycare because when I take my dog for a groom, he gets to stay the day and play with other dogs. By doing this, he is never anxious or distraught by being groomed. He knows he is going to get play time, which he appreciates.


Communication is Key

Before taking your dog to any groomer, know what you want. Just like getting your own haircut, you need to communicate what style you want your dog. With my dog, I love the look of bobbed ears, but because my dog loves to dig and bury stuff in the yard (and behind couch pillows!) I get a triangle cut to his ears to prevent matting. Does your new groomer ask questions? Do they have a file with your likes (and dislikes?) If you don’t know what they are talking about, will they take the time to explain the differences in cuts? It is also important to communicate what your dog does daily so they can match the groom to your dog’s lifestyle.


Try Them Out

If you are still trying to figure it out, the best way is to try them out first. Instead of doing a full groom, you could start with a mini-groom or a bath. Even if you went with a full groom and didn’t like it for some reason, the good news is that dog fur grows back. There was a time I had the bright idea of having a mohawk cut for my dog. I thought it would be cute. The cut did not match his personality. A couple of months later, his fur grew out, and we returned to his usual style on his next groom.


About the author: Theresa Touhey owns Nature Reflections, an online jewelry store specializing in handcrafted Angel Callers and Harmony Ball Jewelry. She is also an artist, a writer, a grandmother, a caregiver to a rescued Havanese dog, and a nature lover. She has practiced various forms of meditation and yoga for over 30 years.

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