What Is The Meaning Of Your Favorite Color?

What Is The Meaning Of Your Favorite Color?

Color is everywhere, from the tree’s green leaves and the deep red cardinal bird to the cornflower blue sky. Each day we are warmed by a yellow sun and caressed each night by a midnight blue sky. With the vast array of colors, many of us have a favorite. And even if we don’t have one color that resonates most with us, we tend to feel a certain way about each color. Colors have feelings and meanings that go back to antiquity. Here are the generalized meanings of color groups.

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About Nature Reflections: Nature Reflections specializes in Handcrafted Chime Jewelry. The jewelry is designed to help one get in touch with their inner selves. We celebrate color at Nature Reflections, since we feel that color evokes emotion, connection and healing. Learn more about Nature Reflections here.

About the author: Theresa Touhey owns Nature Reflections, an online jewelry store specializing in handcrafted Angel Callers and Harmony Ball Jewelry. She is also an artist, a writer, a grandmother, a caregiver to a rescued Havanese dog, and a nature lover. She has practiced various forms of meditation and yoga for over 30 years. Recently, Theresa has completed her advanced astrology courses. 

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