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    Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry

    Why do we love Sterling Silver and use it in our jewelry?

    Sterling Silver is a metal that has lots of versatility. Silver is a precious metal and Sterling Silver is comprised of 92.5% pure silver. Silver is a very soft and mailable material so to keep its shape, sterling silver is combined with copper for durability and strength.  

    Another great benefit of sterling silver is that it can be finished in a variety of ways and plated with pure silver, rhodium or gold. Our designs often use a brushing or satin finish which gives dimension and contrast, especially when we pair it with a shiny finish or do a two-tone piece with silver and gold plating. 

    Sterling silver is considered to be hypo-allergenic since it is lead and nickel free. 

    Beautiful Sterling Silver Jewelry Designs

    We specialize in selling unique, nature-inspired jewelry. Our sterling silver pieces stand out as being beautiful and one of a kind. We often receive emails from our fans telling us how much they love their Nature Reflections Jewelry and the compliments that they get when they wear their pieces. 

    Our jewelry is designed to honor Nature. Express yourself with some of our jewelry and show others your love of nature. From birds to bees, flowers and plants and the sky and the sea, you will find many interesting and intriguing pieces in our collection. 


    Most of our Sterling Silver is handmade by artisans using the Lost Wax method. The Lost Wax method is a process of using wax mold to create the shape and the sterling silver is hand-poured into the molds. Once cooled, the pieces are hand finished and specific techniques are implemented, such as adding a brushing effect surface or hand polishing for extra shine. Then, the pieces are plated in pure silver or gold. 

    Natural Stones, Pearls and Shells

    Some of our Sterling Silver items are highlighted with natural stones, freshwater pearls and mother of pearl shell. Since we use natural materials, there is some variations from piece to piece. This is what makes each jewelry item unique and special- since no two are exactly alike. 

    Our Collections

    The collection of sterling silver jewelry featured on our website is rotating and limited. We add new styles whenever we run across something truly special. We also add our own new exclusive designs as well.  We highly recommend that if you find something you love, be sure to grab it before it sells out since our jewelry is made in small batches and we do discontinue designs to make way for new offerings. 

    About Nature Reflections

    Nature Reflections Jewelry is located in Orlando, Florida. Our fulfillment center is centrally located in Salt Lake City, Utah, so that you can get your jewelry quickly with our standard shipping. 

    We are a woman-owned small business and pride ourselves with offering a personal touch to everything that we do. Though we do source some of our jewelry, the owner of Nature Reflections is always working on new designs so check back often and sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss any of our new offerings, specials or sales.

    Check out our selection of sterling silver jewelry inspired by the beauty of nature, including our sale and clearance jewelry. We offer quick and easy checkout on our site. Explore our wide range of items including the Sterling Silver Bee Pendant and the Sterling Silver Bee Ring.