Discounts and Promotions

On occasion, Nature Reflections will offer discounts or conduct promotions on our website. Discounts and promotions have an expiration date, and Nature Reflections reserves the right to discontinue any discount or promotion at any given time.


How to Use a Discount

If you have a discount code that you want to use, you will need to enter it into the discount field upon checking out. Here are some instructions on how to add your code:

After you add your items to your cart, click on your cart icon (usually located at the top right of your screen.)


Click the Check Out Button to start the process of ordering.

Look for the discount code field. It will look something like this:


Enter your discount code into the field and click on apply. (If you can copy and paste in your code, that usually works best to ensure that you have the correct code.)

If the code is valid, the discount will populate. Remember that our codes have expiration dates and sometimes require a minimum purchase.


Other things to know:


  • Occasionally, we will run promotions with an automatic discount. Usually, we do not allow the stacking of discount codes.
  • Discount codes cannot be added on prior purchases or after purchases.
  • Some items exclude discount codes, such as mystery boxes and gift certificates. Occasionally, discount codes will be for a specific item(s).
  • Some discount codes are associated with your email address. This means when you place your purchase, you will have to use the email address that we have on file.
  • If you have a discount code that you want to use during a promotion time when an automatic promotion is happening, you can:
    • Manually Remove the Automatic Promotion Code
    • Manually Enter Your Discount Code
    • If you have issues, please contact us through chat for assistance.
  • Please pay attention to expiration dates and times and place your order when the code is active and valid.


The above information can change at any time and is a guideline. Each promotion or discount will have its own rules, see marketing material or website for detailed information.