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  • The Orb

    Each orb is manually shaped from Alpaca Silver.

  • The Design

    Each design is hand applied and the enamel is hand-painted.

  • The Chime

    Each chime is meticously put into the orb before being sealed with sterling silver.

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What are Angel Callers?

Angel Callers consist of an enclosed three-dimensional form with a chime placed inside. When shaken, a soft, gentle, harmonious sound can be heard.

They have been associated with many cultures and given various names throughout history. Popular names are harmony balls, fairy bells, meditation orbs, spirit chimes, and more.

Regardless of the name, our Angel Callers are handcrafted from Alpaca silver, which is pure silver mixed with brass. The combination of these metals gives character to the sound and creates a substantial piece of jewelry.

Many of our designs are rich in symbolism. From feathers to stars, flowers to butterflies, we are confident you will find a style that will create an emotional or spiritual connection.

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Customize Your Angel Caller

Choose the chain or cord that works best for you.

From left to right:

Silver Ball Chain- 24" legnth

Black Cord with Silver Clasp- 20" or 28" legnths

O-link Chain- 24" or 34" ;egnths

Rolo chain- 28" legnth

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