What is the difference between Angel Callers and Harmony Balls?

Angel Callers and Harmony Balls go by several names, including fairy bells, pregnancy balls, chime balls, Zen chimes, and countless other names. These items are enclosed shapes, usually an orb with a chime inside. Since there is no hole like a bell, the chime is soft and gentle and usually can only be heard by the user. The wearer of the jewelry may have to shake the item by their ear to listen to the sound.

At Nature Reflections, we distinguish the types of angel caller/harmony ball jewelry by the method of creation and materials used. Our Angel Callers are entirely handcrafted, which means that not only are they hand-finished, they are hand-poured into shapes as opposed to being machine cast. They are also made from Alpaca Silver, a combination of 20% pure silver and 80% brass. The appearance is deeper and darker in silver color. The harmony balls are machine-cast, but they are hand-finished and are considered to be a handmade item. Harmony balls are made from brass and then are plated in Sterling Silver or 18K gold.

Angel Callers have more pure silver than Harmony Balls, but Harmony Balls have a brighter silver color since they are plated in Sterling Silver.

We recommend that if you gravitate more towards a handcrafted, folk-art aesthetic, you will probably enjoy the variances of the Angel Callers. If you like precise, shiny, and modern jewelry, you will most likely be happier with the Harmony Ball Jewelry.

We recommend that you pay attention to each item's size, shape, and adornments. The more room in the orb, the louder the sound of the chime since it has more room to bounce around. The smaller spheres, such as the ones on bracelets, are very quiet. Also, thinner designs are going to have a much fainter chime. Adornments like crystals will muffle the sound of the chime.

In regards to the history of the names, Angel Callers has been used more in Central America and by Latin communities. The name Harmony Ball is more common in the United States.